At Central Geotech, our culture encourages each member to contribute their unique skill sets, fostering a culture of synergy, creativity, and excellence. Together, we’re not just engineers; we’re collaborators, problem solvers, and visionaries, dedicated to delivering exceptional results for our clients and strengthening our community.

Built from the ground up with the intention of removing roadblocks and headaches that have plagued the AEC industry, we’ve established a system that allows for interdisciplinary cross-training and a next-man-up philosophy. With a focus on agility, our clients know that a quick call to our office can provide them with answers, reliable expertise, and savings of time and money.

Central’s growth is a testimony to how our approach has provided our employees with a satisfying sense of equity in the firm’s actions, and has allowed us to complete work of ever-increasing scope and reach. Our purpose is to competently and compassionately mentor and support our teammates and customers to achieve their individual and collective goals in a responsive, personal environment.

Geotechnical Services

RESPONSIVE – Central Geotechnical Services is a full-service, 3-phase geotechnical engineering firm dedicated to providing the best project support possible to teams of all sizes. Whether it be performing work around the country or here at home in the geologically diverse Pacific Northwest, Central Geotech is willing and able to take on projects of all size and scope. With our veteran-owned status and commitment to precision, innovation, and excellence, we remain dedicated to delivering top-tier geotechnical expertise for local and Federal projects. Central Geotech offers the following in-house capabilities, and more:

  • Soil Sampling

  • Laboratory Analysis

  • Historical Review

  • Reports

  • Recommendations

  • Pavement Design

  • Construction Observation

  • Subgrade Evaluation

  • Density Testing

Experience, Expertise, and Reputation

Our engineering team and their capabilities speak for themselves. Across the country or working for our local communities, we have a proven track record for success on projects across new building construction, pavement design, seismic and landslide analysis, construction observation, and more. We are proud of our team—and structured in a way that empowers all employees to excel.

Pick the right experience for you:
icon Federal Services and Contracts

Federal Services and Contracts

Our leadership understands the nuisances and expectations of federal work.

icon Commercial / Industrial Work

Commercial / Industrial Work

Much of our best work comes from our private commercial/industrial Clients.

icon Residential Expertise

Residential Expertise

Residential projects including our services for subdivisions, multifamily developments, & single-family residences.

Download our Capabilities Statement with service and experience information.

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned
Federally, Central Geotech is SBA Certified as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).
In Oregon, we are COBID Certified as both a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise (SDVBE) and an Emerging Small Business (ESB). In Washington state, we are OMWBE Certified as a Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Business (SEDBE). These designations allow us greater freedom to meet sole-source, set-aside, and/or competitive small business goals.