About Us

Our Values

The core values of our firm have preserved our resolve and pushed us to triple our growth over the course of the pandemic and beyond. Starting with zero clients, zero capital, and a single founder, we are proud of our firm’s accomplishments since our founding in 2015.  Beginning with a simple aim to be a reliable firm that clients love to work with and employees love to work for, we now find ourselves with commercial and federal projects nationwide including Alaska, California, Florida, and New York, and beyond.

Our reach and list of agency partners is as robust as ever; we are hungry to continue to prove our adaptability and responsiveness, by mobilizing our expertise as needed to support your projects. As we work with a broader variety of government entities, both local and Federal, we continue to see the results of our unique approach as we help our clients and employees achieve success in their personal and professional lives. 


We’ve strived to create an engineering firm that encourages our employees on all levels to leave their egos at the door, and values contributions and suggestions from anyone. We rely on trust to form a solid social foundation that allows for productive conflict, in turn fostering commitment and accountability. It’s how we obtain our results, and ensures that nobody feels undervalued or overlooked. Amplifying the voice of others instead of talking louder ourselves has been a hallmark of our growth.


Structured in a way to prevent employees from feeling ‘siloed’ inside their own departments, our interdisciplinary approach allows for more holistic and considered results. Anyone in our office can be looped into an ongoing project if there’s an element related to their experience and expertise. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of ongoing education, internal training and mentoring, and how a diverse group of perspectives can help you find the best solution.


Our team members feel heard and appreciated over the course of a project’s lifetime, increasing the equity each employee feels in the body of work that the firm is producing as a whole. Employees are given stewardship over their own tasks and workflows, allowing for a free and open exchange of ideas without fear of “wasting another department’s time”. All employees, their contributions, and their insights are considered invaluable by our firm’s Leadership committee and principal engineers.

PM TEAM (Project Management)- At the forefront of each project; this role interacts with our clients, organizing and managing the scope, schedule and budgetary details. They focus all team efforts on project success from investigation through construction.

PC TEAM (Project Coordination)- From a project level, the PCs arrange, coordinate, and run project tasks in both the field and office under the guidance of Project Managers

PIC TEAM (Principals-in-Charge)- Our principal engineers are ultimately responsible for the effort of the work we produce for clients. Our Principals-In-Charge are also leaders, mentors, and friends – while maintaining strong relationships within the local community of private and public clients

BD TEAM (Business Development)- This team leads and implements company strategies while supporting proposals and representing the firm to the outside world. All other teams are also involved with Business Development.

SUPPORT TEAM (Operations)- Support staff connect all teams to each other and to the company as a whole. They act as business managers, maintaining business function and ensuring the technical teams have the tools they need to complete client work.

TECH TEAM (Field Technicians)- This role operates mostly in the field, representing our firm and our clients on job sites and ensuring quality control at the construction level. Our laboratory services are joined with this team.

Our teammates and their leadership appreciate the breadth and depth of our expertise, collected over 98 cumulative years between our 4 principal engineers and spanning diverse specializations including hydrogeology, pavement and baserock profile design, landslide hazard analysis, deep foundation design, and more. Project engineers appreciate the latitude given to our project management and coordination teams, where our clients can be sure that our collaborative environment will provide them with informed and calculated recommendations, regardless of challenges that arise. Construction bidders appreciate our practical approach to project estimation and proposal-writing, which showcases our experience and expertise when dealing with the realities of bringing a project off of the plan set and into the real world. Subcontractors appreciate our prompt and effective communication, the way we represent their best interests while negotiating on price and scope, and the sense of collaboration and ownership of a project that they don’t find with larger, less personal firms. Operators and laborers on-site appreciate our friendly and knowledgeable field staff, and how we treat them as the equal team member that they are. We provide them with confidence that the work is being performed correctly, and can help them address unknown issues as they arise.


Our purpose is to competently and compassionately mentor and support our teammates and customers to achieve their individual and collective goals in an environment emphasizing learning, growing, and responsiveness –

Pay in our firm is at or above the competitive wage for the positions we employ, annually compared against the ACEC Regional Salary Survey.  We do not discriminate in our pay rates, and they are based solely on experience and expertise. It is our management philosophy to allow employees to “run”, helping to hone their broadening skillset, under the guidance of experienced senior-level engineers and geologists.


Additional benefits include generous Paid Time Off, healthcare and vision, parking, and other bonuses such as “Clock-Out Hangout” happy hour, lunches out, 12 holidays, and company-funded field trips. Also, because we are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned company, an additional holiday is given at either Thanksgiving or Veteran’s Day, allowing a four-day weekend at the employee’s discretion.

Central also practices continual review of our insurance and benefits packages, to ensure that our offerings are as feature-laden and cost-effective as possible. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of benefits available.

Cultivating Respect, Maintaining Partnerships, Crafting Excellence

Our success is dependent on your success. Let Central Geotech show you how to keep your project moving in the right direction.