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Our Story

We believe that we cannot reach our goals as individuals or as a firm unless we help others to reach theirs.  Because of this, we have established a firm that emphasizes learning, growing, and responsiveness among our employees and clients.

In fact, it is the basis for all we do.

Our values of being humble, empowering our employees, and pursuing collaboration have preserved our resolve and pushed us to triple our growth over the course of the pandemic and beyond.

We continue to grow.  

Though our firm was started with zero clients, zero capital, and a single founder, we are proud of our accomplishments from when the firm was started in 2015.  Now with projects from Alaska to Florida, in residential, local, and federal government, we continue to see the results of our unique approach as we help our clients and employees achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their goals. We look forward to being a part of the team that can help you reach yours.

We Believe

Our purpose is to competently and compassionately mentor and support our teammates and customers to achieve their individual and collective goals in an environment emphasizing learning, growing, and responsiveness –

All moving forward together.

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Grow with us

Stephen Eagar, President, believes in “creating and growing a ‘we’ company, not a ‘me’ company”

Both as a firm and as individuals—we are better than we were a year ago.  A year from now, we know we will be even better still—to the benefit of our teammates and our clients.  This what we strive for, and why we exist as a firm—as we all move forward together.

Pay in our firm is at or above the competitive wage for the positions we employ, annually compared against the ACEC Regional Salary Survey.  We do not discriminate in our pay rates, and they are based solely on experience and expertise. It is our management philosophy to allow employees to “run”, helping to hone their broadening skillset, under the guidance of experienced senior-level engineers and geologists.

Additional benefits include generous Paid Time Off, healthcare and vision, parking, and other bonuses such as “Clock-Out Hangout” happy hour, lunches out, 12 holidays, and company-funded field trips. Also, because we are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned company, an additional holiday is given at either Thanksgiving or Veteran’s Day, allowing a four-day weekend at the employee’s discretion.

We've Performed Work From Alaska to Afghanistan.

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