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Our Story

Central Geotech was founded by Stephen Eagar, PE, a former United States Army Corps of Engineers employee with a vision of growing a mobile, agile, and client-focused firm. Since our inception in 2015, we have become a full-service geotechnical engineering firm that has successfully worked on hundreds of projects. Operating from Alaska to Florida, spanning 5,000 miles—and in all market segments—our geotechnical—our geotechnical expertise has been used on a wide range of tasks including multi-year Federal Design-Build, Local Government, multi-story commercial, industrial, and residential developments.

Our Culture

Our firm’s culture is one of constant growth—the sky is the limit! All aspects of our work are integrated with a “move-up, step up” mentality, which governs each team member’s workflow towards a scalable, growth-based model. As we hire on new employees that fall under current employees, the model in place already has roles set up for the expansion of the business.

Through training and mentorship, our company continues to thrive. We have seen double revenue growth year over year since our inception in 2015 which is an indicator that we are moving in the right direction—with happy employees—and thus, happy Clients.

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Stephen Eagar, Principal and Owner, believes in “creating and growing a ‘we’ company, not a ‘me’ company”

Pay in our firm is at or above the competitive wage for the positions we employ, annually compared against the ACEC Regional Salary Survey.  We do not discriminate in our pay rates, and they are based solely on experience and expertise. It is our management philosophy to allow employees to “run”, helping to hone their broadening skillset, under the guidance of experienced senior-level engineers and geologists.

Additional benefits include generous Paid Time Off, healthcare and vision, parking, and other bonuses such as “Clock-Out Hangout” happy hour, lunches out, 12 holidays, and company-funded field trips. Also, because we are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned company, an additional holiday is given at either Thanksgiving or Veteran’s Day, allowing a four-day weekend at the employee’s discretion.

We consistently hire interns from the Oregon State University Leadership Academy and have a good relationship with the Academy President. Hiring from within Oregon’s graduates, then mentoring, training, and leading them in career success is a win-win for all involved.

We've Performed Work From Alaska to Afghanistan.

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