Geotechnical Services

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We customize our services across all phases of your project—from concept through completion.

Phase 1


Whether the project requires test pits, drilling, Cone Penetrometers, or a surface reconnaissance, we provide services to help understand the soils onsite.

icon Geotechnical <br>Investigation icon Geotechnical <br>Investigation

Ensure your site can support your project’s scope.

icon Preliminary Assessment & Due-Diligence icon Preliminary Assessment & Due-Diligence
Preliminary Assessment & Due-Diligence

Uncover issues before they become deal-breakers.

icon Seismic <br>Retrofit icon Seismic <br>Retrofit

Enforce stability regardless of circumstances.

icon Landslide <br>Hazard Study icon Landslide <br>Hazard Study
Hazard Study

Stay ahead of natural disasters with proper assessments.

icon Infiltration & <br>Hydrogeology icon Infiltration & <br>Hydrogeology
Infiltration &

Keep your property high and dry.

Phase 2


Working with multi-disciplinary groups of designers, we become a responsive key team member within your design and feasibility phases.

icon Foundation Design & Construction Recommendations icon Foundation Design & Construction Recommendations
Foundation Design & Construction Recommendations

Lay a strong foundation to start your build.

icon Slope Stability Landslide Analysis/ Remediation icon Slope Stability Landslide Analysis/ Remediation
Slope Stability Landslide Analysis/ Remediation

Problem solve how to protect your investment.

icon Site Specific <br>Seismic Response icon Site Specific <br>Seismic Response
Site Specific
Seismic Response

Specialty expertise where it counts.

icon Retaining <br>Wall Design icon Retaining <br>Wall Design
Wall Design

Barriers built for function and aesthetics.

icon Pavement <br>Design icon Pavement <br>Design

Specific design for specific travel function.

Phase 3


Representing the owner and ensuring design intent, we are onsite to provide special inspection, construction observation, and compaction testing during construction.

icon Construction Observation & Inspections icon Construction Observation & Inspections
Construction Observation & Inspections

Oversee progress and design intent.

icon Compaction <br>Testing icon Compaction <br>Testing

Measure your soil’s density and report results.

icon In-House Soils Laboratory icon In-House Soils Laboratory
In-House Soils Laboratory

Precise testing and quicker results.

icon Asphalt <br>Testing icon Asphalt <br>Testing

Onsite, quick testing for recordable reports.

icon Compliance <br>Letters icon Compliance <br>Letters

Final jurisdictional authority documentation.


The Finished Result

See these phases come to life in our comprehensive projects portfolio.


We have worked as employees of Government agencies in our past. We now have several as Clients.

We understand the process and expectations involved between Public Agencies and Private Consultants when working on Government projects. This unique perspective, coupled with our Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business status differentiates our firm when bidding alongside our trusted Prime Consultants.

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In the Private sector, speed is of the essence—and we emphasize responsiveness first—along with optimization of costs and efficient delivery of key geotechnical information to our Structural colleagues.

Some of our best work is featured in Private Sector commercial developments. We enjoy the demanding challenges of the work and the relationship development across the design team—where reliability and responsiveness are key to the design team’s success.

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There are still a few good Geotech firms out there that take on Residential work—and we’re one of them.

Although much of our work is shifting away from Residential projects, we’re happy to work with large subdivision developers and single-family residential owners alike.

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