Key Personnel

Stephen Eagar, PE


Stephen is the Principal and Owner of Central Geotechnical Services and has worked as an engineer and project manager for over 15 years.  A combination of both private and public experience, he has worked on projects in many categories (vertical, horizontal, earthwork, sediment retention, levees, dams) and served in Afghanistan as an engineer for the US Army Corps of Engineers in 2011.  Work experience encompasses aspects of projects, from concept to completion in multi-disciplinary roles including project initiation, design, bid/award, construction observation, and remote liaison project coordination at the Congressional level.

Krey Younger, PE, GE

Vice President, Operations

Krey has over 25 years of experience in the industry and is a licensed Professional and Geotechnical Engineer in the state of Oregon. He specializes in transportation projects throughout the Pacific Northwest that range from road widening, bridges, new construction, and pavement rehabilitation. Additionally, Krey has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Oregon State University. At Central Geotech, he now oversees staff-level engineers, and leads the pavement division which includes non-destructive falling weight deflectometer (FWD) testing, resilient modulus testing, pavement design, data acquisition, and more.

Julio Vela, PhD, PE, GE


Julio brings over 29 years of geotechnical engineering expertise and extensive knowledge of the Pacific Northwest region to our firm. After obtaining his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in Civil Engineering from Washington State University, Julio has managed construction projects in the commercial, industrial, and public sectors across the western United States. With relevant experience in both vertical and horizontal construction, his oversight and mentorship are invaluable as we look to continue to grow our pavement division and also pursue development projects of increasingly large scope.

Paul Crenna

Paul Crenna, CEG, LEG, LHG

Principal Engineering Geologist

With over 26 years of consulting experience, Paul brings guidance to each project, with a “big-picture” perspective involving the geological implications of the geotechnical design process.  Paul has been involved with projects large and small.  He has performed geotechnical investigations in sensitive areas and is considered a slope stability analysis expert.  He has provided forensic analysis and expert witness services in cases involving adverse soil conditions and foundation drainage. Paul is also licensed as both a Licensed Engineering Geologist and a Licensed Hydrogeologist in Washington State.

Jose Serrano

Jose Serrano, PE

Associate Engineer

With over 12 years of experience, Jose has worked on the West Coast as well as across the Midwest. He brings his knowledge of various types of deep and shallow foundations including spread/continuous footings, mat slabs, drilled shafts/caissons, and pile foundations. Now at Central Geotech, Jose oversees geotechnical investigations, provides foundation recommendations, reviews reports and construction documents, and mentors entry-level engineers. Jose is licensed in California, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Illinois, and Indiana.

Blayne Sandau, PE

Staff Engineer

With over 5 years of experience in the geotechnical engineering industry and as a recently certified PE, Blayne brings a valuable perspective to our design team. After completing degrees in Civil Engineering (Bachelor’s degree from Montana Technical University and Master’s degree from University of Washington), he has joined our growing firm at an exciting time. At Central Geotech, his geotechnical design experience and technical writing expertise will allow him to support our senior staff here, mentor our junior staff, and continue to gain valuable experience in project management and practical engineering.

Kyle Warren

Kyle Warren

Field Operations Manager

With over 4 years of experience in the geotechnical industry, Kyle Warren continues to thrive at Central Geotech bringing new ideas to the table and making the Field and Design department run smoothly. Kyle graduated from Western Oregon University with a bachelor’s degree in Geology/Earth Science. Here at Central Geotech, Kyle is the Field Operations Manager and excels across a multi-faceted range of responsibilities – including project management, client relations, report writing, and fieldwork oversight. He has an advanced understanding of, and experience with, site characterization, geotechnical and geologic field methodologies, management of large-scale site investigations, Quality Assurance/Quality Control activities and subcontractor/vendor coordination. Additionally, Kyle is involved in his alma mater’s Earth Science Alumni Society at Western Oregon University as Secretary.

Nicole Niskanen

Staff Geologist

Nicole is a Western Oregon University graduate with a degree in Earth Science and a concentration in GIS. For over three seasons, she worked for the City of Salem as a supervisor for an environmental aid crew. Here at Central Geotech, Nicole performs geotechnical investigations that range from test pit field data collection to geotechnical drilling. She assists in compaction testing, proof-rolling, subgrade evaluations, and other construction-related tasks. After fieldwork is complete, Nicole initiates a geotechnical report which will then be sent to the client.

Troy Howard

Staff Geologist

Troy is a Western Oregon University graduate, majoring in Earth Science and minoring in GIS with prior experience in land surveying. He takes on assignments related to exploration, design, and construction phases for each project. Troy performs infiltration testing and record results, compaction testing, proof-rolling, subgrade evaluations, and other construction-related tasks. Troy then initiates geotechnical reports to be reviewed and completed by an Engineering Geologist or Professional Engineer.

Ruslan Pavlenko

Staff Geologist

Ruslan is a University of Washington graduate where he earned his Earth Science degree. Prior to joining the Central Geotech team, Ruslan has 3 years of experience doing mineral exploration and GIS. Here at Central Geotechnical Services, Ruslan performs geotechnical tasks such as field explorations, observation of Earth work, testing and monitoring as well as soil analysis.

Adrian Cadena

Staff Geologist

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from the University of Portland, Adrian started his career as an Environmental Field Technician. While in this position, he located and tested environmental hazards associated with soil contaminants, which has given him a strong environmental background that he now applies as a Staff Geologist at Central Geotech. Working with our geology and design teams, he is continuing to gain knowledge and experience on a variety of projects that augment the 5 years of industry experience he already has.

Dan Boileau

Field Technician Coordinator

After obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science from Oregon State University, Dan entered straight into the geotechnical engineering field as a laboratory technician. After two years of performing materials analysis, Dan left the laboratory behind for on-site work as an engineering field technician. After accumulating over a decade’s worth of invaluable knowledge, experience, and confidence, he joins Central Geotech as a Field Technician Coordinator, overseeing our on-site construction activities and managing client/subcontractor relationships.

Dawn Valeur

Engineering Administrator

Dawn attended California State University, as well as Ventura College, and then studied Business at Portland Community College and Portland State University. With over 15 years of experience being an office manager in the design/build/construction industry, Dawn brings a wide range of exceptional qualities to our team. At Central Geotech, Dawn wears many hats but mainly helps with accounts payable/receivable, setting up and sending proposals, setting up projects, sending reports, insurance, and updating budgets.

Katie Young

Office Manager

With almost a decade of office management experience, Katie brings invaluable knowledge that allows us to continue to grow and expand as a safe and reputable firm. Her background in OSHA and regulatory compliance, alongside invoicing and payroll experience, makes her an important member of our operations staff. She ensures that we perform to the best of our capabilities as a responsive and compliant entity, and facilitates positive interactions between prospective clients and our design team.

Amber Weber, MBA

Business Development Manager

Amber is an Oregon State University graduate with a BS in Media Communications and holds her MBA from Southern Oregon University. With over 7 years of experience in marketing and sales, Amber brings an excellent eye for brand strategy and problem-solving, to our growing team. At Central Geotech, she manages relationships with prospects, clients, and partners within the A/E/C industry, develops marketing information and content used for proposals in response to RFP’s, oversees the marketing department, and is the main point of contact for teaming pursuits. Amber is also involved in industry organizations by being on the Board of Directors for the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Portland Post and on the Membership Committee for the Oregon Chapter of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS).

Colin Jones

Digital Communications Specialist

With a BFA in Digital Arts from the University of Oregon, and over 2 years of practical field experience in the geotechnical industry, Colin brings a unique perspective to our Business Development and Marketing team. A background in photography and design, alongside firsthand knowledge of the exploration and construction phases of the projects undertaken by our firm, allows him to create useful and informed assets for both internal and external distribution.

Wayne Wolfe

Geotechnical Field Technician

With over 27 years of experience as both a construction equipment operator and geotechnical field technician, Wolfe brings a seasoned and trustworthy perspective to our construction observation team. From observing deep foundation excavations for tunnels and high-rises, to laboratory management and testing experience, Wolfe has done a little bit of everything in this industry. Specializing in grading and drilling observation with an emphasis on soil remediation, Wolfe’s knowledge is especially valuable in this region of seismic uncertainty and variable subsurface conditions.

Cole Younger

Geotechnical Field Technician

With over 5 years of industry experience, Cole is a valuable member of our construction observation team. A background in laboratory sampling and analysis, coupled with practical experience in roadway and subgrade observation, give him the knowledge needed to represent our firm on site for both horizontal and vertical projects. Additionally, Cole can be found maintaining our soil sample library and assisting with laboratory testing as needed.

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