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Working in Alaska

We truly love working in Alaska.

Alaska is unique when it comes to engineering in the United States—and we can enjoy the challenge of a robust summer construction season coupled with the specific difficulties of working in the field during the dark winter months.  It has problematic geology for geotechs, extreme weather, and it’s seismically active. It’s a tough place to work, but we love it!

As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, our leadership has noted that we are especially welcomed in Anchorage.  Since our expansion, we have been well-received by the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Department of Veterans Affairs, JBER, Alaska DOT&PF, local developers, engineers, geotechnical colleagues, and residents. 

Why Anchorage?

We believe in the community, culture, and toughness we see in Alaska.  We recognize the importance and opportunity of military/defense work in the Arctic, and the potential for an expanding economy with the reopening of drilling leases on the North Slope.

Having his immediate and extended family in Anchorage, our Principal and Owner flies and fishes as much as he can.  He also assists his Father-In-Law with The Goose Hangar—a private flight instruction company featuring fight training in a fully restored WWII-era Grumman Goose located at Hood Lake. 

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Our office is located just off Minnesota Drive at 1401 W 34th Ave Suite 200.

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Challenges of Geotechnical Engineering in Anchorage, AK

Our Alaska geotechnical engineering firm has worked on public, commercial, and residential jobs here in Alaska, and we understand the difficulties that face any work in our state. Due to tough weather, seasonal darkness, and challenging subsurface conditions, geotechnical engineers in Anchorage have an important role to play in every project. Through extensive site investigations and surveys, our team can craft a plan to deal with risks on site. Here are a few challenges that the right Alaska geotechnical engineering team can help overcome:

Dealing With Seismic Activity

Planning ahead for seismic activity is important for any project. However, this need is far greater when building in Alaska. Since Alaska ranks as one of the most seismically active zones in the world, establishing structures that can withstand the subsurface tension is of paramount concern.

Working with an experienced geotechnical engineering group in Anchorage, AK can ensure your build has the proper risk mitigation plans in place should seismic activity occur. A geotech can assess potential issues and recommend solutions like implementing flexible foundations, shock absorbers, or structural reinforcements.

Building On Permafrost

Another issue to consider when building in Alaska is the presence of permafrost. Nearly 85% of the state is covered in permafrost, from a few inches to thousands of feet deep. When structures are placed on permafrost, the potential heat transfer from the building to the ground can cause the permafrost to melt. A thawing foundation can lead to a building sinking further into the ground, causing expensive and hazardous damage. Fortunately, a variety of techniques can be employed to keep the ground beneath a building cool. From elevating buildings to allow cool air to pass through to installing refrigeration systems beneath the ground, a geotechnical engineer can help advise you on how to prevent the melting of permafrost.

Team Up With Our Alaska Geotechnical Engineering Firm

With so many obstacles in the way of constructing a safe and sound project, working with experienced geotechnical engineers in Anchorage is crucial. Our firm can conduct a thorough site investigation to determine what potential challenges and hazards are present on your property. Working with the right geotechnical engineering team in Anchorage, AK will help you save time and money on your build. No matter what stage of your project you’re at, we can help. Contact us today if you’d like to talk shop on your next project.

Our Customer Testimonials

“Needed a soil investigation and Geotechnical Report fairly quickly as well as construction monitoring for some urgent work. Central Geotechnical Services took care of everything I needed to help expedite the permit process as much as possible, was there monitoring the work and has helped me get permits closed out. I will definitely enlist them on future projects.”

Brad Neu, Catworks Construction

“Stephen and Erik were very gracious with sharing information and assisting me with critical information regarding the process and findings. This became valuable as I shared detailed information with my senior leadership. It has been a pleasure to work with such a professional firm and I will recommend them to others.”

Matt T., Oregon Metro

“Great to work with, got the proposal back in a timely manner. Executed work on schedule and were able to adjust power plant schedule. Were able to discuss options with the owner and backup items with a clear report that was well done.”

Brad Sisson, Oregon Electric Group

“Stephen, Paul and the rest of their staff continue to provide excellent service and have been very responsive to project demands. Looking forward to more projects with Central Geotech.”

Chuck Gregory, AKS Engineering and Forestry

“Great firm to work with; smart, collaborative, and customer-oriented.”

Brendan Geraghty, Blue Trident

“Central Geotech professionally performed the required scope for one of our projects last year, and I refer other developers to them often. Their responsive staff and practical approach to complicated situations is outstanding. I wish I had found them sooner in my career--what a great firm!”

Joe Green, Grun Homes

“Stephen helped me with pre-buy inspection of house in the West Hills. His opinion is as valuable or more vs regular inspection. Very thorough and generous with his time even after our inspection was complete.”

Harvey L., Homeowner