Our Portland Offices

Working in Portland

Our Main Office is in Portland.  

This region can attest to much of our experience.  We have performed work in mountainous, silt plains, lava flows, volcanic formations, landslides, cityscapes, riverbanks, floodplains, and coastal areas—all within a 100-mile radius.  

We are listed as a COBID-Certified business in Oregon, and operate throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond from our Portland Office.  We have seen continued growth in this region and give that geotechnical engineers are the “first in” when it comes to construction, we do not foresee any signs of a slowdown soon—and this is a great opportunity to be part of this booming community.

Why Portland?

This firm was founded in Portland, and the city is home to an amazing climate, geography, and a year-round construction season.  It is constantly ranked as one of the top growing cities in the country, and its culture, attention to environment, and friendly professional community have boosted our firm to become a strong competitor in the local market.

Our Principal and Owner worked for the Portland District of the US Army Corps of Engineers, and founded Central Geotech on the principles of hard work, solid reputation, prompt responsiveness, and service.  Portland embraces this relationship-based approach, and upholds the importance of our profession through robust regulation and permitting requirements, allowing geotechnical engineering be a critical part of the huge ongoing construction economy.

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Our Office Location

Our office is located at 10240 SW Nimbus Ave. Suite L6 Portland OR, 97223

Geotechnical Engineering From Alaska to Afghanistan

If you need help with geotechnical engineering across the country, you’ve come to the right place.  We have projects from Alaska to Florida, spanning across 5000 miles of North America. We pride ourselves on having some of the best geotechs in the industry, and with our hometown advantage and vast understanding of the diverse Pacific Northwest, our team can help virtually anywhere to ensure that your project starts on the right foot.

Those who wish to build in the Pacific Northwest must overcome a wide range of geological challenges, from sandy coastlines to sloping mountains, but our offices in Portland, Oregon and Anchorage, Alaska have a broad understanding of diverse and challenging regions, and we’re ready to make a smart assessment of your site—no matter where you are.

When you hire a geotechnical engineer, you’re bringing an expert eye to your project, minimizing risk, and helping you move forward with confidence. We will evaluate whether your site can:

  • Support the scope of construction
  • Withstand changes in local weather and environment
  • Coexist alongside existing civil engineering efforts

Bring Our Geotechs to Your Project

Working with our experienced geotechnical staff can bring added value and peace of mind to your plans, so contact us to get started. Our staff looks forward to evaluating your site and providing guidance on how to move forward safely.

Our Customer Testimonials

“Needed a soil investigation and Geotechnical Report fairly quickly as well as construction monitoring for some urgent work. Central Geotechnical Services took care of everything I needed to help expedite the permit process as much as possible, was there monitoring the work and has helped me get permits closed out. I will definitely enlist them on future projects.”

Brad Neu, Catworks Construction

“Stephen and Erik were very gracious with sharing information and assisting me with critical information regarding the process and findings. This became valuable as I shared detailed information with my senior leadership. It has been a pleasure to work with such a professional firm and I will recommend them to others.”

Matt T., Oregon Metro

“Great to work with, got the proposal back in a timely manner. Executed work on schedule and were able to adjust power plant schedule. Were able to discuss options with the owner and backup items with a clear report that was well done.”

Brad Sisson, Oregon Electric Group

“Stephen, Paul and the rest of their staff continue to provide excellent service and have been very responsive to project demands. Looking forward to more projects with Central Geotech.”

Chuck Gregory, AKS Engineering and Forestry

“Great firm to work with; smart, collaborative, and customer-oriented.”

Brendan Geraghty, Blue Trident

“Central Geotech professionally performed the required scope for one of our projects last year, and I refer other developers to them often. Their responsive staff and practical approach to complicated situations is outstanding. I wish I had found them sooner in my career--what a great firm!”

Joe Green, Grun Homes

“Stephen helped me with pre-buy inspection of house in the West Hills. His opinion is as valuable or more vs regular inspection. Very thorough and generous with his time even after our inspection was complete.”

Harvey L., Homeowner