Bridges, Roadways, and Multi-Use

Scope of Work

Coordinated multi-disciplinary team for the exploration, design, specification writing, and overseeing construction of a new vehicular bridge, pedestrian bridge, roadway improvements (resurfacing), trail improvements, and traffic gates for the US Army Corps of Engineers.  

Archaeological aspects, as well as proactive environmental compliance (NEPA) measures, were imperative to the permitting phase of the project, in an area already sensitive due to Elk Creek Dam being present and the project bogged in legal red tape.



  • Multi-discipline design, multi-discipline construction
  • Sensitive location due to political, tribal, archaeological, and environmental constraints
  • In-Water Work, within Government work period guidelines
  • Upstream and downstream fish passage considered for channel bridges
  • Soil Exploration and Analysis
  • Construction Oversight



This project was completed to increase and improve visitation and awareness of the Elk Creek Recreation Area, and to allow better pedestrian and emergency access to its many wilderness features.  Visitors can now use the old county road to better access hiking, relaxing near deep pools, explore wilderness across grass fields, or watch the variety of wildlife common to Elk Creek.

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