Burger King Franchise

Scope of Work:

Central Geotech was subcontracted by a national architectural prime to provide a Geotechnical Investigation in support of the development of a Burger King restaurant in Battleground, Washington. The main purpose of our work was to provide geotechnical engineering conclusions and recommendations for the construction of the restaurant in accordance with the local jurisdictional standards.

The scope of our field investigation included a detailed surface reconnaissance of the site and its vicinity, hollow-stem auger drilling, laboratory testing. In addition, general hydrogeological parameters of the site were resolved for the design of stormwater management systems through a series of in-situ infiltration tests.  To better understand the engineering capabilities of the site soils, our soils laboratory performed a number of laboratory tests on soil samples collected during our field investigation.


  • Provided recommendations for a geotextile-reinforced pavement section
  • Detailed surface reconnaissance of the site
  • In-place moisture/density testing of structural fill
  • Documentation of placement of geosynthetic reinforcements


Through our subsurface investigation and our review of historical aerial imagery, we identified a significant amount of fill material on-site that was unsuitable for direct support of the building, parking lot, or other structural elements. To circumvent the time-intensive and costly process of mass-excavation, our engineers performed the analysis necessary to provide recommendations for a geotextile-reinforced pavement section.

Shortly after our report was submitted to the jurisdiction for permitting, our firm was retained to provide observation and documentation of geotechnical aspects of the restaurant construction.  This work included in-place moisture/density testing of structural fill, subgrade evaluations, and documentation of placement of geosynthetic reinforcements.  As a result of our construction observation work, the owner was assured the earthwork was performed in accordance with our engineering recommendations and specifications, and in compliance with the jurisdictional requirements.

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