Bagram, Afghanistan

Scope of Work

Design and construction in the United States can be challenging–but nothing like building in Afghanistan. Constraints of communication between sometimes four different languages on a job site, differing construction standards, unacceptable safety practices, and extreme heat were some of the challenges.

In support of our military efforts, tasks involved vertical construction of various projects as the main focus of work. Barracks, dining facilities, operations centers, offices, holding facilities, and more. These projects involved design from the United States, interpretation of design intent overseas, exploration of the site, and construction coordination and observation…well beyond the geotechnical discipline.



  • Remote Location Design and Construction
  • Various language, cultural barriers
  • Conflicting US/European/Middle Eastern Engineering & Construction Standards
  • Military Construction (MILCON)
  • Soil Exploration and Analysis
  • Construction Oversight
  • Site Project Engineering/Corrections



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