Mountain Home Air Force Base

Scope of Work:

The US Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District (USACE) is in the design phase for the proposed Grandview Gate Improvements at the Mountain Home Air Force Base (MHAFB) in Mountain Home, Idaho. The improvements consist of the expansion of the Grandview Gate canopy structure, expansion of the adjacent visitors control center building, construction of a new standalone gatehouse, and a new road alignment along Liberator Street.

The Central Geotech team performed ten test pits, two drilled borings, and one infiltration test to evaluate subsurface soil conditions. The purpose of the test pit explorations was to characterize the underlying soils and determine the in-situ infiltration potential of the proposed stormwater retention area associated with the building and roadway improvements that will be a part of the MHAFB Grandview Gate project. Additionally, we conducted a small-scale pilot infiltration test to assess groundwater levels and drawdown conditions.

Laboratory testing was performed on selected soil samples. The lab testing results were used to refine the field soil classifications in general accordance with ASTM D2487 and to determine soil index properties that are used for correlating engineering values. A summary of the laboratory testing performed on samples from the borings and test pits was included in the final geotechnical report along with summarizing the results of the subsurface exploration.                                                                                                                                        




Another successful project completed on a regionally local Air Force Base. Teaming with USACE has been a great way for us to take on unique and interesting projects, while also reaffirming our commitment to supporting our nation’s military and giving back whenever possible. With a Service-Disabled Veteran as President of our firm, we look forward to teaming up on many future USACE projects nationwide.