Sarasota National Cemetery

Scope of Work:

Our firm’s work spans nearly 5,000 miles of reach.

This project helps to demonstrate the flexibility and mobility we bring for nationally-based clients.  We have performed work in many diverse (and opposite!) climates and geologies, able to apply stringent geotechnical engineering parameters—yet remain competitive and practical with our approach.

This project entailed the geotechnical investigation of soils in areas surrounding the expansion of Sarasota National Cemetery.  Much of the work involved working with local drillers and our network of consulting colleagues with experience in the area.  We were able to plan, execute, and deliver the scope of work within a constrained budget across a tight timeline, operating across the country.



  • Project delivered early and on budget
  • Applied stringent geotechnical engineering parameters
  • Performed hand-drilling in the upper five feet of soils
  • Demonstrated the flexibility and mobility we bring for nationally-based clients
  • Streamlined our efficiency and our ability to keep costs low



Our work followed local jurisdictional guidelines such as Florida’s Department of Transportation, and Department of Environmental Protection.  Other local details—such as only performing hand-drilling in the upper five feet of soils—were key to understanding and adjusting to specific legal requirements onsite. This project was delivered early and on budget to a fellow SDVOSB firm, from our Portland-based office, at a competitive cost.  The success can be attributed to responsive communication and proactive research and subcontractor discussions.  Unique to other firms, our customized, turnkey project management system also helps to streamline our efficiency and keep costs low.  A win-win for all.

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