Subdivisions and Site Development

Scope of Work

Subdivisions and new, multi-acre development is a mainstay of the residential work we perform.  This work normally requires a few “types” of geotechnical investigation, ranging from test pits and simplistic testing through deep drilling and shallow groundwater monitoring.  

Bearing pressures for single-family homes normally present the need for “lighter” requirements, but soils onsite, slopes, or previous soils fills can determine the necessary level of work needed for subdivisions and new residential development.



  • Full Geotechnical Investigation
  • Reduced Scope Geotechnical Assessments
  • Geological Hazard Area Studies/Landslide Hazard Studies
  • Infiltration Testing/Confirmation During Construction
  • Slope stability Assessments
  • Project Engineering/Corrections
  • Soils/compaction testing & Special Inspection



Development and subdivisions present opportunities to excel in a broad range of project demands.  Throughout all phases of subdivision and land development, we have provided capable services for clients, presenting a well-rounded set of abilities within our firm.

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