Tesla/PGE Energy Innovation

Scope of Work:

In an engagement with Portland General Electric, Tesla, and Oregon Electric Group, we were tasked to provide technical insight and analysis for the new Port Westward 2 Energy Storage System. Our Geotechnical Investigation Report was based on data collected from our geotechnical drilling and cone penetrometer performed onsite, various public data, laboratory testing of collected soil samples, and our experience working with challenging soil conditions. Soil liquefaction analyses and lateral spread analysis were performed, and seismic design parameters were calculated and presented in accordance with ASCE 7-16.


  • Site-specific seismic design parameters in accordance with ASCE 7-16
  • Liquefaction and lateral spread analysis
  • Cone penetrometer testing and geotechnical borings
  • Geotechnical recommendations for foundation design
  • Qualitative analyses of tsunami inundation hazard


Our work resulted in the successful completion of a geotechnical investigation and geophysical evaluation which resolved site-specific seismic design parameters and assessed the overall suitability of the property for development. This project is the first of many to be executed by Tesla, and our investigation provided what was necessary to complete permit submittals in accordance with jurisdictional requirements. By assessing and providing multiple options for geotechnically sound foundation elements, we helped optimize the project budget and expedite the overall project schedule.

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