Geotechnical Conditions

The ”geotechnical conditions” definition refers to the physical properties and conditions of the soil and other ground components found at a particular site. In order to proceed with construction or civil engineering projects, geotechnical conditions must be evaluated, established, and documented so that all parties understand what precautionary measures are necessary to move forward successfully.

How are Geotechnical Conditions Determined?

Geotechnical engineers or “geotechs” help establish the geotechnical conditions of a given construction site. The first step is to conduct an investigation comprising of soil testing, which will illustrate the strength, density, and composition of the ground and its components.

The soil’s composition shines light on a variety of geotechnical engineering conditions, including whether or not the site:

  • Can support the intended construction
  • Exhibits potentially hazardous or challenging circumstances
  • Needs additional structural support in order to build

For example, if the soil is found to have parameters that do not support the construction load, additional planning will be necessary to prevent the building from too much settlement or other hazards.

All of this information is compiled in a geotechnical report, which catalogues the findings and presents information for structural and other engineers in the design team.

How Building Proceeds After Geotechnical Conditions are Defined

When you hire a geotechnical engineer, this expert is responsible for making safe, geotechnically sound recommendations for how your construction should proceed. This will include advice on:

  • The placement of your building
  • Drainage and water mitigation
  • Surrounding structures, utilities, and associated project features.
  • How local weather conditions and season changes will affect your building

The main area of concern regarding geotechnical engineering conditions comes down to the foundation considerations, as this is the supporting structure which determines how the rest of the project will be designed.  Geotechs advise on how best to proceed with constructing a foundation based on the specific site conditions, adjusting for soil density, slope, water content, and all other present factors.

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